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By Anonymous the 21 of August from 2013

They call several times a day. I call the number back to tel them to stop calling They ask me in english if i speak spanish then tell me they dont speak english. What can I do?

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By mmmmmmm.... the 04 of June from 2013

They call all the askin me for my woman and i speak spanish told them to stop.. gf told them not to call or she will call the police in english and spanish..
idk what too do??!?!?'!

Owner: some spanish guy

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By Erik the 29 of May from 2013

#calls me all times day & night..I called back and they do not speak English.
I was told to go to hell moth@r fuc@$r after I told them to stop calling. PLEASE HELP!

Owner: have no idea who this is

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