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By Jody the 27 of November from 2013

I was upset when I got my call as well when I received a call from 949-743-0156. Because when I asked who they were, they said The Contact Center which told me nothing. I was furious and told them that this told me nothing and was insulting. They hung up.

I immediately went online searching for the source of their number and found these scam web pages for which I am thankful for. Because they try to give you something to go on. A couple of commentators had referred to the fact that they, just like I, had filled out a form online minutes before. I was so relieved.

I called that number back, better prepared knowing that this was an independent call center, and spoke to a decent sounding guy named, Joshua. He answered all of my questions intelligently.

My thanks goes out to ALL of the website owners who goes to the trouble of putting these sites up to give us some recourse on these frustrating situations!!! :)

Owner: The Contact Center

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By Anonymous the 22 of August from 2013

you all are freaking idiots pin foster online high school I talked to tham

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By Anonymous the 09 of August from 2013

I clicked on needing a personal injury. Attorney and the phone rang almost immediately.

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By Anonymous the 08 of July from 2013

They have called me NUMBEROUS times today but don't answer unrecognized numbers. They did leave a message telling me to call but never said for what reason. I googled it and it appears they are a number of us getting this call. I am already divorced so don't know how they would get my phone number. Don't know who they are and will NOT be calling them back. Can anyone say more "scams"?

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