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By Anonymous the 18 of September from 2013

Also, 3603505921-they call everyday, usually twice a day not only to me, but also my friend, my son, and my ex-husband. They call both my cell and home numbers. Now, it's just been a recording to call back a number. My husband, my friend, and I have all called back the number to tell them to quit calling and they get very nasty. Isn't there something we can do to get these people to stop?

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By Anonymous the 29 of August from 2013

Calling wrong number, my parents phone number and make threats.

Rating: (0) Total reports: 2/6 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Anonymous the 24 of July from 2013

Receiving calls from this number requesting a callback. I have no idea who they are. They mention something about legal action to try to get me to return the call.

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By Anonymous the 18 of July from 2013

Harassing me and threatening.

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By Anonymous the 17 of July from 2013

Calls early morning before 8 am and calls my employer. I am trying to file harassment charges.

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By Anonymous the 13 of June from 2013

Unsolicited call from Reliable Credit Solutions, asked for personal details. Hung up and researched - cannot locate them on the BBB website.

Owner: Reliable Credit Solutions

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