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By Anonymous the 09 of August from 2013

This company MBS Litigation took $2000 of our money promising to include us in a ma** tort lawsuit, never did a thing, promised a refund and we never got a dime. Mitchel Tarter is the main scammer, he is the lawyer who made the promises.

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By Anonymous the 19 of July from 2013

Beware of this phone scam!
The caller claims to be from US Legal Network and states they are trying to sign up individuals to a federal lawsuit against numerous lending institutions and banks for predatory lending. They then attempt to convince you to sign a retainer agreement for law services with Mitchel Tarter Esq with MBS Litigation for a fee of $5000.00.

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By Anonymous the 18 of July from 2013

Have filed a complaint with FCC on this number. They continue to call and if I actually answer and get someone they are rude and then hang up.

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