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By Anonymous the 23 of January from 2014

Just recieved a call from them too...An Indian Lady by the name of Andrea called and I coul'nt even understand her. I told her that the call was being recorded and she seemed very reluctant to give me any info. Other than I had a summons and needed to call 877-631-3902 with my case #. I asked her the name of the compnay she said MFG & Associates. I asked for a address and she said that she could not give me that information. She said that I needed to call that # for details and speak with their legal supervisor. I asked her for the Legal Supervisors name and she said "Mark". I asked for a last name and she said that she could not give it to me. So, I called the # and a guy answered the phone "This is Mark" how professional is I told him the call was being recorded and he said ok...but he none of his information matched mine. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!

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By Anonymous the 10 of January from 2014

Called and said I had a summons for court but couldn't tell me what company I owed money, all they said was for a loan I had gotten.

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By Anonymous the 18 of September from 2013

Got the same thing Maybe a scmmer

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By Anonymous the 22 of July from 2013

I have gotten repeated calls from this number...they come in restricted and leave a message...the message says : this is Spence calling from MGF & Associates must contact us regarding felony charges being brought against us immediately at 877-631-3902 with the case number NY/02

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By Anonymous the 09 of July from 2013

Same thing happened to me

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By Anonymous the 12 of June from 2013

They called at 7:45 am - left message saying that I have a felony summons and need to call them back ASAP. They never said who they were and person that message did not give her name.

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