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By Anonymous the 25 of June from 2014

These guys operate from outside of the United States in Pakistan (you know, the country that was hiding Osama Bin Laden only 10 miles from a major military base near their capital). They have data mined information on people, usually debts that have been completely written of or have passed the statute of limitations, and call you to try to extract more information and confirm what info they already have, i.e. name, current address, work number and location. They then fraudulently create a fictional debt and demand payment, harassing you by calling you constantly at all hours (a violation of the law), calling you at work (a violation of the law) and mailing demand letters to you (mail fraud). The problem is, since they operate from outside the U.S., it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible for the FBI or Postal Inspectors to prosecute them; they would have to specifically identify each individual, connect them to a specific call or letter, charge them, request extradition (which isn't going to happen with Pakistan) and fly them back to the U.S. for a trial. Just one would be exorbitantly expensive, and this disgusting scum of a company has its' employees make hundreds of calls a day. The solutions: 1. don't answer when you see it is them 2. If you do answer, give them an obviously fictitious name, like Hillary Clinton and your address is the last beach house on the left in Key West. 3. While talking to them and giving them fictitious information, start talking in a sultry voice and tell the caller you are getting aroused and ask them what they are wearing. Tell them you are wearing a see-through scuba suit with a starfish thong, which has a strategically placed blowhole. 4. Do a Lil Jon on them; ( if you don't know it, google it). Every time they ask something, yell "WHHHAAAAATTTTT!?", then respond to whatever they say next with "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHKKKAAAAAAAAAYYYY!". 5. Lastly, you can gently place the phone against your genitals, leaving it there until they hang up, thus performing a metaphysical "Blow me" to these unwashed, disgusting detritus of foul and incestuous DNA.

Worked for me! Have fun!

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By Anonymous the 12 of April from 2014

Calls from this number repeatedly show up on caller ID, but there is no message left on the answering machine.

Rating: (0) Total reports: 2/10 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Anonymous the 12 of March from 2014

they need to stop calling my phone

Rating: (0) Total reports: 3/10 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Anonymous the 09 of January from 2014

This a** hole call me and claim i own bank America. Asking for payment option, I ask for more info and they didn't have my info in hand. They give me my last four ss# and it's not mind. I tell them to f*** off don't f***ing call again.

Rating: (0) Total reports: 4/10 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By really tired of this the 05 of December from 2013

husband is VERY sick and these morons call at 8:30a.Android and wake him you.

Owner: nno name

Rating: (0) Total reports: 5/10 Type of call: Debt collector
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By connie the 19 of November from 2013

Captchot talk to answer mach-----have they. Ever heard to mail?

Rating: (0) Total reports: 6/10 Type of call: Possible scam
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By Anonymous the 02 of November from 2013

Calls once or twice a day....never have talked to anyone which is my rule when dealing with things outside my species such as bottom feeders, boiler rooms and general pond scum....

Rating: (0) Total reports: 7/10 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Anonymous the 17 of September from 2013

from"Allied debt coll" collect on old debts that have been dissolved for years.use your lawyer or bbb to get them to stop otherwise will constantly hound you 2nd time in 4 months and were told to stop even with a lawyer.ridiculous.

Rating: (0) Total reports: 8/10 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Anonymous the 10 of August from 2013

They and me to verify my info, then give me last four of my ssn #XXXX but problem is its not my ssn but it is a family members. Oh and they called a third family member phone to begin with. who are these people??? and where do they get their info???

Rating: (0) Total reports: 9/10 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Harley the 10 of August from 2013

RoboCall for a debt collecting agency. Calls every 15 minutes....

Owner: robocall for a collecting agency

Rating: (0) Total reports: 10/10 Type of call: Debt collector
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