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By Anonymous the 18 of September from 2014

This phone number is showing that this call is coming from Cambodia on my caller ID. FREAKS!!!

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By Anonymous the 19 of March from 2014

A medical billing co out of TX. Also has a office number that is 1-512-515-0065. Their address is AMCA, llc. PO Box 1237 Libertyhill, TX. They might have an office in NY also, not sure. They make collection calls for medical bills.

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By Anonymous the 22 of February from 2014

Calls at all times of the day and week. I am on the do not call list.

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By Anonymous the 05 of November from 2013

Perhaps I would answer this if they identified themselves or left a message or didn't call at 7am and all hours on Sundays.

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By Anonymous the 29 of October from 2013

Continue to call. Even though on no call list. How can I stop this?

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