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By Anonymous the 22 of February from 2014

called me on my cell. Leave no word or message.

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By Anonymous the 22 of August from 2013

Good Day,

I have had calls repeatedly from the above mentioned phone number. I do believe this originates from your survey/research marketing sector; I may be mistaken. Such as it is, please put my cell phone number as well as my husband's onto your INTERNAL DO NOT CALL LIST. I have a pay-as-you-go phone and each minute my phone starts to ring it cost me 35 cents A MINUTE. Because I will never answer a displayed number which I do not recognize as a friend, including this one so please save me the expense of you calling me repeatedly. I thank you for your time and co-operation. STOP CALLING!!!!!!

Best Regards,
Jenny (403) 307-0460
Lorry (403) 506-7227

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By Anonymous the 20 of August from 2013

To get to the owner of the company just call 1 877 603 6786
It will ask you to put in the extension of the person you wish to call or to use the company directory by pressing the number sign. Press the number sign and type in Bozin when it asks for the last name of the person you wish to talk to.

This will get you to Dr. Lorne Bozinoff. I have left a bunch of messages. He only answered once. Lets fill his inbox and make him hate his life.

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By Anonymous the 16 of August from 2013

Keeps calling! No answer, 3 days in a row. Waste of time. # is unassigned if you call back

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By Anonymous the 12 of August from 2013

Called on my cell phone. Declined call. Did not leave a message

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By Anonymous the 30 of July from 2013

Constantly calling, selling security system.

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