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By Anonymous the 20 of August from 2013

Received a call and when told man that the person they were looking for was not in he wanted to know the individuals cell number. I told him I did not have the liberty to give out that information and he was very hateful talking and said that I could not make the decision on not giving out the cell number. I finally hung up. He was very rude!!!!

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By Anonymous the 15 of August from 2013

A collection agency trying to collect a 13 year old debt from a Capital One credit card that we never had. Also, they called on our child's phone, who is 12. I called Capital One myself, and they said that they had NO record of our SS numbers in their system and that we had no debt with them. This is a scam. Do not give them ANY of your personal information. The person on the other end of the line was very aggressive and demanded my husband's personal cell number. They also told me that my husband just updated his records with them on July 23 of this year. it was a crazy call. Like my husband would update his records, for a card he never had, with my child's cell phone number! Hang up on these people!

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By Anonymous the 06 of August from 2013

This phone number is a scam number and nusiance

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By Anonymous the 01 of August from 2013

They call me 3 times a month. I have no outstanding bills yet. I want them to leave me alone.

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By Anonymous the 12 of June from 2013

I am on the fcc donot call list

report them please

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By ajr the 08 of May from 2013

J.C. Penny is the company who these clowns are representing against me.
Went BK 2 years ago and are trying to get $$$.
Running my credit report and if I find that this is wrecking my credit after...."Katy bar the door".

Owner: JC Penny collection

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By JOEBLOW the 22 of April from 2013

Calls numerous times every day and never speaks, or leaves any messages for who they are looking for. very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owner: 8007721413

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