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By Anonymous the 15 of April from 2014

Who is calling all the time? and now my work phone also!

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By Anonymous the 31 of December from 2013

They call my home at least 10 times a day and I am NOT the person they are asking for....I'm on the no call list and they just harass me constantly, even Christmas morning......I spoke with my attorney and he advised me to contact the FCC and the Missouri Attorney General...If they don't stop after that, he is placing a lawsuit against them for harassment. I am a senior citizen and don't use payday loans ever! So, I will file the reports against them and see what happens......This is a horrible thing to go through...I have told them that person is not me and they are so very rude and want all my information, which I will not do.....I'm at the point that when they call, I answer it and immediately hang up.....I'm just plain sick of their crap!

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By Sam the 30 of July from 2013

I think the caller is from United Cash Loans.

Owner: United Cash Loans

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