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By Anonymous the 26 of February from 2014

Just got this call too ....had my info from 2011 no nothing of this ....

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By Anonymous the 12 of December from 2013

Keeps calling, leaving messages, etc. Message never says what the call is about, just a person requesting a return call. My answering machine message tells people the best times to get a hold of me, they call all hours of the night and day EXCEPT the times I am available. Getting pretty old!!

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By Anonymous the 13 of August from 2013

This man called my cell phone number and said that I owed a payday. Which I never hard of this payday loan. He even went back to an old bank that doesn't exist anymore and he claims that the loan was deposit into this bank and this bank closed way before 2007. He said it was deposit in 2007 in this bank. He did have all information about me, my birthday, Post office, where I work etc... I told him that this is not true and I hang up. Now he is calling my work and leaving messages.

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