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By Anonymous the 05 of June from 2014

This Lifeless Jackass!!! wont stop calling, they call at any time. day, night

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By Anonymous the 02 of June from 2014

They called me on 6/02/14, trying to convince me I won a $2.500
Prepaid credit card to buy different products from a catalogue. They said
the company was "Dpto de monitoreos y bonificaciones TV Oportunidades".
I told them I wasn't interested if they ask my S.S. or credit cards #s. After 10
Minutes offering several products like an English course and a contract with
Fedex for one year. They told me to pay $292 with a Money order the same
Day it was supposed to receive the "fabulous" package they offered!!
I told them I'm not stupid to paid that amount of money for something
I didn't know. They said it was monitored by the US government and
Univision. Be careful with this people!!!

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By Anonymous the 01 of April from 2014

I received a call from this # at 2:57 PM pacific standard time. Upon my answering the phone, I immediately heard dialing, which means there is a computer system doing the dialing. When a person answered, it was a male voice mumbling something I could not understand. I said "Who is this and what is this call about, because I have no problem contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as this is unsolicited calling in attempt to try and get my money" There was a 20 second silence and the person hung up. I am on the do not call list and have been for well over a year. THESE HARRASSING CALLS NEED TO STOP. IT IS A VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS AND IS HARRASSMENT.

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By Anonymous the 21 of March from 2014

They tried to get my disabled mother-in-laws information....when I came to the phone, they hung up. Look like they had called several time throughout the day . If you have a smartphone just simply put a block on that number. If you don't, then you may consider changing numbers or finding another solution. Do not give them your personal information or credit card number.

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By Anonymous the 06 of March from 2014

this people call me almost every single day, he or she try to get all my bank account info and my social s. number. in able to received some money and DVDs.

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By Anonymous the 17 of January from 2014

U need god get a life u steel

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By Anonymous the 22 of November from 2013

To all of you just bubbling about this number, it is not just a fake site offering crap. It could very well be the NSA hacking your phone, or Jewish Data base Technology Agency, installing and collecting your information from your phone, since you got your phone. A short quick software is implanted on your chips allowing them to listen to your calls and download all the data they want and are interested on. It sounds like a conspiracy, but it is not anymore,>It is real. An Attorney says it is Debt collector Agency,it may very well be, but what I have been reading on several reputable sites, and news about how the Government, Companies and Hackers are actually hacking your personal information to find out everything about your life, is real. The software is embedded in your Sim card through a back door, which Sim card companies don't want to close cause it is easier to update information automatically.

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By Anonymous the 02 of October from 2013

Es una estafa me llaman dr dia y noche ya no se q hacet

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By Anonymous the 11 of September from 2013

stupid spics, stop calling

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By Anonymous the 02 of September from 2013

They have been constantly calling me, they are a scam, they told me that I won an English course and $2,500.00 from where? I do not know. Also, they prompted on asking me more personal information. Seems to me that this operation is from somewhere in Sudamerica. Avoid them and report them to the authorities. Let's get rid off this stupid criminals.

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