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By Anonymous the 12 of September from 2015

have someone stop calling my phone need too be reported

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By Anonymous the 09 of June from 2014

I'm sick and tired of receiving calls from this number from some prison inmate at all hours during the day and night, 7 days a week! I do not know ANYONE that is in prison and supposedly this person is calling from some facility known as Harmons Correctional Institute. This needs to stop as it's been going on for 2 weeks now!

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By Anonymous the 28 of May from 2014

I like to report this number to stop the calling at all hours day or night.

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By Anonymous the 16 of July from 2013

This company is Global*Tel Link not a scam and you can find out more here:

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By Anonymous the 11 of July from 2013

Well my boo went to jail a couple days ago I just received a call from this number I was unable to answer due to me being sleep but I was wondering if that was him because I tried to call back but it seemed to only be a recording regarding my phone number and something about Pre-paid but i don't know please if you know let me know...

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By Anonymous the 30 of June from 2013

I dont know anyone in jail.. or prison for that matter who called me and asked me to add money?

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By Anonymous the 20 of April from 2013

This call goes straight to my voicemail and i already pre-paid. How am i able to answer the call? Ive been waiting to get a hold of this person.

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