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By Anonymous the 07 of August from 2014

This number is calling my house phone at all hours of the night - the name comes up as refurbished Inc. It calls me at my home no 306-778-0896 and has personal information on my partner and accuses him of selling drugs.

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By Anonymous the 04 of April from 2014

This person claimed to be a technician for Big Fish Games, which I was trying to cancel my account. His name was David and he had a very heavy mid-eastern accent. He told me that my computer was infected with all kinds of viruses and he would have to fix that first before he could cancel my account. He wanted to charge me $99.99 for this work. What a bunch of crap.

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By Anonymous the 21 of December from 2013

The caller claimed to be an auditor of a company the caller said I may be doing work for. The caller then asked details about any such work. I gave no information whatsoever. Instead, I asked questions: his name, where he was calling from, and what office he was working out of. With that last question, he either went silent or paused before trying to answer and then hung up, or I just hung up -- I don't remember which. The person has an accent. On the first call, the connection was bad and I could hardly hear him. So, what I describe above is the second call. One call was on 0240, and the other was on 0241.

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By Anonymous the 04 of December from 2013

This number doesn't belong to anyone: it is a Skype number -- it shows up if you call from other states than California too. Anybody can Skype you, for any purpose, and hide behind this number. It tells you nothing about the caller or his/her location.

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By Anonymous the 16 of August from 2013

I got a call from this number and the caller claims to be from Microsoft. He said they detected a virus in my computer and they needed to fix it. The only problem is that I am on a Mac and don't use windows. This is a scam for sure and for certain.

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By Anonymous the 30 of July from 2013

Has anyone gotten a call from SCAMMER named Rose at IbSolutions or Global Solutions (661) 748-0241?

This lady called. Identified herself as Rose from Global Solutions. (The caller ID said Rose.Ibsolutions at (661) 748-0241 from Burbank, CA). She said that she was calling about my computer. That she was from the company that handles the "server" for my computer, and the they had found some 'glitches" in the software.

She wanted me to go to my computer, so she could talk me through the process to get those "glitches" off my computer.

I told her I didn't know her nor her company, and I wasn't giving her any information. And, I asked, 'are you with Yahoo, or anyone I would know...?'.

She was belligerent and stated again that she was with the company that handles the server for my computer.

I told her to take me off her list, and told her that I was going to report her to internet fraud.

She snapped back really sharp and said, "Well, you have a nice day Sir! "...and hung up!

Has anyone else gotten a call from this number?

What can we do about these people...?

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By Anonymous the 20 of July from 2013

I hung up on first call from 661 748-0240 when he started asking too many personal questions. Claimed he could help with scam calls. Got a call immediately after from 661 748-0241. I did not

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By Anonymous the 09 of July from 2013

Called my home number - which is unlisted - asked for my husband using his full name. Said her name was Ana. She spoke with oriental accent. Had a hard time pronouncing "J". When I asked what this was about she hungup. It was a Skype number.

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By Anonymous the 29 of June from 2013

This is a Skype number that also uses 661-748-0240. They call over and over again. They have an accent and claim they are a captain of something. They sound relatively young. The phone number 661-748-0240 has many many more comments about scamming. I believe this is the same person though.

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By Anonymous the 13 of June from 2013

This person clams he is an employer and looking for a personal assistant but it comes up as a Skype account. He sends u a check with a chase logo but it is a phony he wants u to deposit in ur account but hr is a phony scam artist who is trying to get money!!!!!

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