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By Anonymous the 03 of January from 2014

These propel continuously call my cellphone from 8:30 am to 8:30 at night. I will have to block that number. I don't answer calls I don't recognize and these people don't take no fair sn answer. I have told them I don't need a security system. I am tired of these people

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By Anonymous the 02 of January from 2014

Calls many times a day even though I have asked them not to call. I already have a security system.

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By Anonymous the 05 of November from 2013

Called about a walmart or target gift voucher.

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By Philly Pete the 07 of September from 2013

Had a foreigner with an accent call me about an ADT Home Security System. I quickly asked him to hold and covered up the phone. I was near a computer and found a porno site with movies. I put on the first video that popped up and cranked up the speakers. There was a couple on the screen and she was moaning away.... I got back on the phone and told him that I was busy eating dinner and could I call him back.... All he could do was stammer while listening to the background noise. He apologized for interrupting me and said it wouldn't be necessary to call back.

Owner: ADT Home Security Systems

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By Anonymous the 29 of July from 2013

This number continually is calling my cell phone, do not recognize it, therefore I will not answer.....but it is very annoying, can someone please help?

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