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By Anonymous the 01 of August from 2013

I answered the robo call and then pressed 1 when asked. I spoke to Matthew and he said he could lower my credit card rates. When I told him to put me on his Do Not Call list he said he would charge me 1.99. I laughed and asked how he would do that and he said on my credit card. When I told him that he did not have my credit card info hew said said Alrighty sir" and then I just hung up.

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By Anonymous the 10 of July from 2013

We keep getting calls from this number (616-613-2126). I finally talked to a person and asked them to take our phone number off their calling list. It was a black man, and he said, "I'll think about it" and hung up on me.

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By Anonymous the 02 of July from 2013

July 2,2013

these people need to stop calling us, we are not interested in anything they have to offer, they are harassing us by calling because we are on the do not call program, maybe the state police needs involved for harassment.......

peters residence.

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By Anonymous the 25 of June from 2013

An automated recorded message called my phone on 6/25/13, 12:36 p.m. US Pacific Time. The Caller ID indicated "BANK CARD SRVCS." The recording said something about a "final notice" having to do with my "credit card." I immediately hung up and called the number back. Another recording answered and pretended to sound like an honest company with a phone menu giving the option to be removed from their call list. "Press 1 to be connected to one of our operators" or whatever. I pressed one, and the recording said all of their representatives were busy taking other calls and that I should leave a message. I doubt they even listened to what I had to say, which was some very unfriendly remarks. I'm in the process of tracing the precise location of the caller and absolutely cannot wait to pay them a visit in person to tell them what I think about their company.

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By Anonymous the 24 of June from 2013

Calls constantly== days evenings weekends!!!

Rating: (0) Total reports: 5/7 Type of call: Possible scam
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By Anonymous the 18 of June from 2013

No message left. Caller ID says Bank Card Services. We don't use bank cards.

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By Anonymous the 10 of June from 2013

Scam number and scum bucket using this number calling others

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