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By Anonymous the 21 of February from 2014

These people are encourageble! I filed an informal complaint with the FCC and for two days straight I got no calls. It started right back up again 5 his morning.
Before anyone changes numbers, here's the link to the FCC. The form is quite extensive and I highly recommend 6 you have your call log handy.

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By Anonymous the 09 of January from 2014

I've received mulitple calls in one day. Once today, twice yesterday and twice the day before. I've called them and I get a recording that the FCC requires they provide consumers the oppotunity to opt out. I've followed the steps and have been called back by them while I'm on the line supposedly opting out. I've since added the number to my "reject call" list. It still appears on my call log, but my phone doesn't acknowledge it otherwise. I will change my number if it persists. I happen to be with T-Mobile also. Coincidence maybe???

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By Anonymous the 21 of November from 2013

I would like to know why they call... there are a lot better im sure they can find to do.. the phone system should find people like that and make them pay everybody double as many time they have called and played on their lines... plus spend some time in jail...
WHOEVER they are!!

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By Anonymous the 15 of November from 2013

They call 4 to 5 times a day. Answered once but no one there. This is ridiculous.

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By Anonymous the 30 of October from 2013

I answered an bought into it . Payed 10 $ for a package with store giftcards worth 250 $ never got the package an can't call the number back

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By Anonymous the 18 of October from 2013

they call several times a day --tired of it.

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By Anonymous the 23 of September from 2013

They've been calling me for two days now .. every 45 minutes without fail. I want these calls STOPPED. How can I do that on a cell phone????

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By Anonymous the 20 of September from 2013

This number has called my phone over and over. Left a message once asking to update my account information regarding a security cell phone service that I purchased (which I did not). I tried to block the number but they keep calling.

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By Laura the 29 of May from 2013

Number keeps calling my phone, they are telemarketers/scam.

Owner: I'm not sure

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By Tina Crocker the 28 of May from 2013

I have been receiving calls from this phone # 360-322-6219 since 5/23/13. They have been calling me a lot. On 5/23/13 they called me once, on 5/24/13 they called me once. On 5/25/13 they called me once, and today 5/28/13 they called me twice and it is only 2:30 in the afternoon here. I have answered this one time and the party calling just hung up when I said hello. What gives and how can I stop this

Owner: ???

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