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By Anonymous the 10 of April from 2014

got a call today 4/9/14. Indian accent man said that he was calling from our local utility company to give me a special rate on prices. Of course I didn't believe him, especially when he asked me for my account number so he could confirm who he was talking to. If he was calling from there he would already have had it. Scumbag scammers.

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By Anonymous the 24 of August from 2013

This moron called during our supper-time, didn't say a word. Next time if they try to call they'll receive a swell surprise. That's all I will say at present except if you get a call from this number it is NOT legit in any way.
Don't worry about hanging up on them, or answering and immediately clicking to hang up before they realize you were on the phone at all. Just give them the boot as fast as you can; they're up to no good at all.
Don't believe anything said----they are not from a bank or credit card or any legit institution. They are scammers! Do everything to make their life unpleasant, including blocking their number which is easy with a Verizon phone, and with different models of privately owned phones. Look in the instruction booklet if you've forgotten how. It's easier and you won't be bothered by these creeps. NE.

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