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By Anonymous the 31 of May from 2014

Same as previous callers. We attempted to get his IP address so we could fix his computer. Also tried to get him to share his account number so we could "transfer" money from his account for his computer services. Tried to get him to give us his email and company address. Eventually he got upset and we terminated the call. He had an Indian accent. It's sad computer scammers like this prey on the unsuspecting. For those who got abused by this guy take solace that turn around is fair play. He got an earful of abuse when he called us.

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By Anonymous the 30 of April from 2014

same thing as others say -- keeps calling and says there is a problem with my computer

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By Anonymous the 19 of April from 2014

called 5x in 24 hours and no answer. hit #1 and a computer said goodbye.
Went to call back and automated message saying not a valid number.
How do companies do this?!?

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By Anonymous the 21 of February from 2014

Spent time on the phone said he was a windows tech and was fixing my computer. Could not use my computer. Wanted 440 dollars for fix . Was very aggresive

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By Anonymous the 20 of February from 2014

How to keep this number from calling my number

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By Anonymous the 20 of November from 2013

Keeps calling me and no answer i xall back and it beeps

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