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By Anonymous the 16 of April from 2014

This and other numbers call frequently and ring once. Call back and "Sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected."

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By Anonymous the 18 of February from 2014

One syllable heard. I have business so called the number. Received a message that the number had been disconnected or no longer in service.

Rating: (0) Total reports: 2/7 Type of call: (Not specified)
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By Anonymous the 12 of November from 2013

Unwanted phone calls from "Credit Card Services"

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By Anonymous the 15 of July from 2013

John in Tennessee:

This # showed on my cell phone. I answered and an automated voice said my Holley credit union card may have been compromised. then asked for info about my account. I hung up, called the credit union, and they verified that it is a scam.

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By Anonymous the 05 of July from 2013

This number called my telephone this morning saying they were from Old Point national bank and that my visa/master debit card had been suspended. And to re-activate, press one. Then it asked me to put in my 16 digit account number. I do not even have an account with this bank.

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By Neal the 04 of May from 2013

Calls over and over again. When I answer they hang up. Now I look at my caller ID and just answer and hang up, but they still keep calling.
Really annoying.

Owner: Unknown

Rating: (0) Total reports: 6/7 Type of call: Missed call
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By harold burge the 23 of April from 2013

asked for me if i was there... yes.... can i take a call.... yes.... then hung up few minutes later called back, i wasnt there then, missed call... call that number 30 minutes later and said it was a diconnected number... hate these calls.

Owner: dont know

Rating: (0) Total reports: 7/7 Type of call: (Not specified)
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