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By Anonymous the 20 of March from 2014

My phone is listed on the dnc list but just received another annoying telemarketing call and caller name is unknown

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By Anonymous the 28 of June from 2013

calls all times of day,never talks

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By Lekfx the 26 of May from 2013

This number has called me several times a day for months. It is a "lead generator" service, that calls randomly to create lists of interested customers for xcontractors. I suspect they do other "services" there too. I called the number back and got a "Number is temporarily out of service" message. When I explained that we are on the do not call list, and ALREADTY HAVE solarl panels on the roof, he got abusive and said "that's a myth" about the do not cal list. I asked for his supervisor and he hung up on me. Scum of the earth... they are. I wish I could zap their whole system!

Owner: 201-206-3269

Rating: (0) Total reports: 3/4 Type of call: Telemarketing
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By Ashleigh the 17 of May from 2013

This number calls my home several times a day during all hours. They never say a word and simply hang up the second you answer. There's no way to tell them to stop calling, and even if they stay on the line long enough to say something, nothing works. I have stopped answering yet this still continues. Please Stop!

Owner: Unknown

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