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By Anonymous the 26 of August from 2013

Sometimes twice daily calls from this number. I usually don't answer numbers I don't know. I have now come to recognize this number and the one time I did answer but it was silent although I still run to answer the phone thinking it may be family or friends or legitimate business. I think this type of harrassment should be outlawed.

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By Anonymous the 19 of August from 2013

They won't f*** off! im sick of this.

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By Anonymous the 07 of August from 2013

Got a call from this number last night. Didn't answer it cause I didn't know the number. Researched the number and now I'm glad I didn't answer it.

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By Anonymous the 31 of July from 2013

Keeps calling my mobile. Shows as missed call. If I answer in time it's just dead quiet and hangs up

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By Anonymous the 12 of July from 2013

Who are they????? Keep calling and I do not answer.

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By Anonymous the 21 of June from 2013

Been calling both landline and mobile but won't leave a message. Why can't they just leave a message and if it is important then I will return their call. BUT if they don't receive a call from me that means I am NOT interested. Can't they get the point?

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By pete the 16 of May from 2013

They don't stop calling , fu**ing anoying

Owner: unknown

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