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By Anonymous 8 months ago

I'm on the Do Not Call registry and will not answer the phone unless it's someone I know. This number calls with an ID of LGIVINGMOMENTS and leaves no message on my answering machine. Irritating!

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By Anonymous the 27 of June from 2013

They called and I let the answering machine pick up. They asked for my husband and when nobody answered they hung up without leaving a message. I don't answer if I don't know who it is.

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By Anonymous the 19 of June from 2013

A woman asked to speak to Cynthia. I said, "Speaking." She said, "I have no message.". Then, she hung up. What is this?

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By Anonymous the 11 of June from 2013

I am on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY and these clowns are calling me at 8:00 AM in the morning. If I could get my hands on them I'm betting they wouldn't be calling back.

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By ann the 30 of May from 2013

called ask for my husband, then talked to me about tv movie etc being worse than a few yrs ago when I said the movies and tv are nothing but trash they hung up on me. Very rude. To old to take that crap.

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By Star Cordell the 21 of March from 2013

This caller keeps calling us. Please no more calls at 706-276-3692

Owner: Lgivingmoments

Rating: (0) Total reports: 6/6 Type of call: Possible scam
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