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By Anonymous 3 months ago

Received a few calls from this number and when I answer, there is noise in background but don't say anything. Also if message left, nothing. Very annoying and harassing.

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By Anonymous 11 months ago

they call two and three times a day went you anwer hang up

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By Anonymous the 14 of November from 2013

I too get phone calls from this number several times a day and they never answer, I've blocked their number but how do I get them to quit calling ? it still rings once then it is blocked.

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By Anonymous the 09 of November from 2013

Keeps callling asking for my father who cant speak.....ive told the numerous times to take us off the calling list and they keep calling most time 5-6 times a day......... How do you file a complaint

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By Anonymous the 07 of November from 2013

I am getting calls at 6 am in the morning. They say they are from the Diabetic asso. When I told this
person it was 6 am she said so sorry, then she says can I speak to Rex.
I have asked them over and over to stop calling. My husband gets his meds from Veterans.
Then they call 3 or 4 times a day and no one is there.
When I try to call them to ask to be taken off their calling list I am told it is not a working number.
If I tell them to stop calling they hang up on me. I want this stopped.
I have a 92 yr. old momther and I run to the phone because who would call this early in the morning unless there
is a problem.

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By Anonymous the 22 of August from 2013

They call me three times a day and never leave a voicemail. i finally answered and they asked for me, and i told them i was out for the day can i take a message? She replied that she would just call back. How do they get my name and number? Especially since i use straight talk!!!

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By Anonymous the 17 of August from 2013

Keep on calling but never leave any message. So I don't answer.

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By Anonymous the 15 of July from 2013

they call me everday as well...I blow my its give me a chance to de stress....please stop them !!!

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By Anonymous the 06 of July from 2013

calls everyday.....why....please stop them....

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By Anonymous the 02 of July from 2013

someone from this number keeps calling my home asking for my medicare number and when i refus they get angry and start yelling they need my medicare number for diabetic supplie . I don't order diabetic supplie from anyone

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