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By Anonymous 9 months ago

make them answer and call them foul names. They hate it. Scam dogs that they are

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By Anonymous 10 months ago

Well, they continue to call. Same phone number 616-613-2227 this time showing Visa Rewards. I waited on the line and spoke with Jason. I asked Jason to not hang up on me like all of his co-scammers, he was being recorded and this is the 2nd time within a week you are being reported. Guess what, Jason hung up on me. I am on the state and federal Do not call list. I seem to be filing reports daily on the jerks. Big scam, I wish they were caught.

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By Anonymous 11 months ago

I keep getting calls from this number for reducing the interest on my credit cards - robotic message which leads to nothing when call attended. Answering machine fills up with no VM. Just blank silence.

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By Anonymous the 15 of August from 2013

Keeps calling my number about lowering interest. When I spoke to someone asking to have my name removed, he hung up on me without an answer back. They call repeatedly. It says Bank Card Svcs. I have told them before to remove my number, but they still call.

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By Anonymous the 08 of August from 2013

This number keeps calling. No message.

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By Vinny the 05 of August from 2013

called it back and listened to the message and pressed option 2 to be taken off their calling list

Owner: credit card svs

Rating: (0) Total reports: 6/6 Type of call: Telemarketing
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