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By Anonymous the 04 of October from 2014

I have received several (20+) calls from someone wanting to talk to "Pittman". an Asian sounding lady keeps calling and as soon as I ask who is calling she hangs up.

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By Anonymous the 24 of September from 2014

got a phone call stating I was pre approved for a ten thousand dollar government grant,all that they wanted was to know what bank account of mine to deposite!

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By Anonymous the 05 of August from 2014

calling every day will not stop calling my husband is very angry. the male voice ask for me by name

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By Anonymous the 12 of February from 2014

How many of you have filled out the postal service job app on line?I think they are somehow connected.

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By Anonymous the 25 of September from 2013

They are telling people that they have a grant from Washington DC to you $10,200 it only takes 25 minuets to receive it all they need is your credit card number, expectation date, and security code on the back of the card or checking account number to transfer funds . You start to get your hopes up and then they mention that all they need to complete the transaction is $180 to be paid by you first .
This is a scam and they need to be caught!

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By Anonymous the 25 of September from 2013

This number called me yesterday wanting
To give me $10,200 from the government . I asked why and they told me because I payed my taxes on time and that I was a good citizen. They wanted my checking account number and pin so that they could transfer funds . They also said that I would have to pay a $180 transfer fee up front and that I would receive $10,200 in 25 minutes . I did not give them my personal information . This is a scam and I don't understand why the government can't stop them for pretending to be the government. Can't the FBI track them by the phone number? I read people posting complaints of this same scam long before April!
Some weak minded people will fall for this ! What do you think?

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By Anonymous the 27 of August from 2013

The lady gave me a name, she said her name was Elena Scott, she said she was calling from the US Gov. Grant Department,200 Independent Avenue, S.W. 20201,n she told me to shut up, I forgot I was saved @#$%!*%, somebody need to get this person for hurting people, she is a disgrace to the United States Of America. What she do to us will no dout come back to her.

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